Off-Highway Haul Truck Simulator

off-highway haul truck simulatorThis haul truck simulator puts you at the controls of a modern rock truck at work in a typical quarry, in interaction with a simulated wheel loader. Simulator training significantly reduces the need to use production trucks for training. New operators can become proficient with basic truck operation and controls in a safe environment. This helps them to be more productive once they graduate to an actual haul truck for field training.

Since trainees have already mastered the core skills of haul truck operation, they are able to complete the on-boarding process faster. Best of all, you don't have to pull a truck out of production to conduct this simulator training!

Software description

wheel loader loads off-highway haul truck in simulatorThe haul truck simulator contains six modules of increasing difficulty, starting with controls familiarization. The modules following allow the operator to navigate the truck through bordered corridors, spot the truck to get a load and even position the truck to dump. The final module combines all the activities into several complete haul cycles.

For each simulation module, key performance indicators are measured such as execution time, haul truck driving speeds, and brake temperatures. Other performance indicators are associated with the use of the controls including retarder, gear selector and hoist control lever. For loading and dumping, additional performance indicators measure positioning time and accuracy.

The software measures how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed, including execution time, maximum driving speed, and the occurrence of termination faults such as improper gear changing and hoist control.

Tracking results

There's no need to worry about supervising the simulator-based training; simulation results are automatically saved on your PC's hard drive for you and your trainee to review later when you have time.

To make the record-keeping even easier, simulation results can also be saved in a single database using Simulation Manager. You can create individual "accounts" for your simulator users with distinct login names and passwords and create "classes" of simulator users.

Benefits of haul truck simulation

  • Simulator training significantly reduces the need to use production trucks for training.
  • You can utilize the simulator to assess the skills of prospective hires
  • It provides your new hires with consistent training, because everyone works through the same exercises in a logical order. This enables you to establish performance benchmarks and elevate the proficiency of all of your truck operators.
  • You can use it to pre-screen new hires and identify those with the greatest natural aptitude for operating equipment.


The off-highway truck simulator is available in English, French or Spanish.

Software pricing

Please contact us for pricing of a commercial software license for the off-highway truck simulator. Even small accidents due to inexperience can cost thousands of dollars in replacement parts and downtime, far in excess of your investment in this training tool. This simulator represents an excellent training value and improves operator safety - a priceless investment in the health and wellness of the workers in your mining or aggregate operations.

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