Bulldozer Simulator

crawler dozer simulatorThis affordable simulation software puts you at the controls of a medium-sized crawler dozer at work in a typical construction site. The simulator is designed to train entry-level operators on basic machine operation and core skills, using seven simulation modules of increasing difficulty.

The building blocks of equipment operation

This instructionally-designed equipment simulator takes a building block approach to training, starting with simple tasks and progressing to more complex ones. Lessons begin with controls familiarization and then progress through bulldozer positioning, using the blade to control the path of a boulder, using the blade to backfill a trench, slot dozing and spreading. Many different job site situations are presented, which address a variety of operating scenarios.

The operation of the bulldozer simulator can be customized to simulate the behavior of a wide variety of machines. Examples include:

  • Using separate pedals for decelerator and brake, or just a single pedal that combines both functions.
  • Activating or deactivating counter rotation so that when making a tight turn, the two crawler tracks will turn in opposite directions.
  • Setting the blade functions to work faster or slower.

Now use 3 Displays (or just one)
You can now use three forward-looking big screen displays to look:

    • to the left
    • straight ahead
    • to the right
    • creating a field of view of 180 degrees.

    (You can still use one display if space is limited)

Video demonstrations of the crawler dozer simulator

These video clips illustrate the capabilities of the bulldozer simulator:

Slot Dozing
Maneuvering a boulder with the blade

Tracking results

Simulation results are automatically saved on your PC's hard drive for you and your trainee to review later. To make the record-keeping even easier, simulation results can also be saved in a single database using a separate Simulation Manager.

For each training module, the software captures data that summarizes how quickly and how carefully each job site task is done - 20 performance indicators in all - which include:

  • Execution time
  • Surface height variability
  • Volume of material backfilled into the trench
  • Dozing depth variability

This data enables trainers to clearly see areas where trainees need to improve; they can then coach them to correct those weak spots.

Benefits of crawler dozer simulation

  • Simulator training significantly reduces the need to use production machines for training.
  • You can utilize the simulator to assess the skills of prospective hires.
  • It provides your new hires with consistent training, because everyone works through the same exercises in a logical order. This enables you to establish performance benchmarks and elevate the proficiency of all of your dozer operators.

Software pricing

Please contact us for pricing of a commercial software license for the crawler dozer simulator. Even small accidents due to inexperience can cost thousands of dollars in replacement parts and downtime, far in excess of your investment in this training tool. It represents an excellent training value and improves operator safety - a priceless investment in the health and wellness of your workers.

Contact us for more information

For more information about this dozer simulator, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886 or via e-mail at info@vista-training.com.