VISTA Silver Series™ - Pay as you go option
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each VISTA Silver Series™ online training course has the following information available on the course description page. For course descriptions and specifications unique to each course...
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Specifications (this is a sample)
Recommended Prerequisite(s): Heavy Equipment - Intro & Safety, Heavy Equipment - Pre-Use Inspection
Estimated Length of Training Program: 1 hour + final test
Number of Test Questions: 17
Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes, with person's name, date and test score
Incorrect Question Feedback report: Yes
Language: English
Narration: Yes
Immediate online delivery for one person - viewable for up to 60 days


1. Once I pay for a course, how long is the course available?

Access to a course ends after 60 days from enrollment (payment) date. Completion data, exam scores and certificate of completion will not be available after 60 days. Print the completion certificate prior to that date.

2.Do I have to view the entire training course all at once?

No, you can stop anytime and restart the course anytime. The system will create a bookmark to remember where you left off. This allows you to start on the screen you last viewed.

3.Can I view the entire course (or any given lesson or page) again after I complete the course?

Yes, you are welcome to view any or all lessons and pages of the course as many times as you like.

4.Do I have to view the course in order or can I view the course lessons in any order?

You would take the course lesson by lesson as it was instructionally designed. You must complete all lessons in order presented before taking the final exam. Once you complete all lessons and the final exam, you can return to the course and view any lesson in any order and even retake the final exam.

5.Can multiple people share one login account? Can multiple people view the online course after setting up an accountand paying for any given course?

No, that would be a violation of the license agreement. And, the certificate of completion would contain only the name of the person listed on the account.

6.What information is on the certificate of completion?

After taking the final exam, the certificate of completion contains the name of the course, your name (as entered when setting up the account), your most recent exam score, the date you took the exam and a place for trainee and supervisor signatures. Click here for a sample certificate.

7.Can I reprint the certificate of completion and/or save it to a file on my computer?

Yes, any time prior to the 60 day expiration, you can re-enter the exam and reprint the certificate. You can also save the certificate to your computer (select "save to PDF" instead of a printer). You can retake the final exam many times for new scores and new exam feedback.

9.What if I want to train and track my employees beyond 60 days?

To enable long term tracking of employee training, contact VISTA at for a quote on a private Learning Management System configured with your logo and all the courses you need.

10.Can I use an Apple computer, ipad or iphone, or any Android device to view these courses?