VISTA offers almost 100 programs in 6 online learning libraries (details)

    Each program is delivered online to trainees in one of three ways.
  1. VISTA managed LMS - no administrative access by you - your trainees login towww.vistalearn.com to take programs (Details)
  2. A LMS from your Information Systems department - we provide SCORM-compliant programs for your IT department to load (license fee applies)
  3. A private LMS from VISTA hosted offsite including your company logo and administrative access provided to your trainers(see below)


What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_management_system
Do I need a LMS to take VISTA online training programs?
No, VISTA manages the LMS so all you have to do is register and take the program(s). A certificate containing trainee name, trainee score, and the name of the program is available to print. You may want a private LMS (from VISTA or another company) to have more control of your employee records, which training programs employees are assigned to take and many other features.
Please contact us for details.
What are some advantages of having a private LMS?
If you want more control of which programs your employees are able to access and permanent online record of which programs were taken, who took them and what their scores were, then you might want a LMS via option 2 or 3 above. You would also have the ability to add your own training materials (PDF, PowerPoint, etc) to the LMS.
Please contact us for details.

Private Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Private website with your logo (e.g. www.xyzcompany-learning.com)
  • Private administrative login to manage your employee learning paths, training records and run reports
  • Permanant electronic training records accessible for each employee or group
  • Ability to add your own training materials to the system (PowerPoint, PDF, Video, etc - up to 100gig - that's a ton of training material)
Up to 100 Users and 100 Titles^ Unlimited Users and Training Content
US $499.00
per month (billed annually)
US $999.00 to US $1,999
per month (billed annually)
All fees quoted in US$.
* Annual LMS fee non-refundable.
* All subscriptions will automatically renew after 12 months to a newannual term unless cancelled 30 days prior to the renewal date.
^If during your subscription you exceed the BASIC LMS number of users/titles, you will be billed $100 per month for each block of 20 users/titles, but only for the months you go over.