Train as many operators as you want. One budget line item. No surprises.

VISTA's growing family of Silver Series™ online, web-based training programs is now available with a convenient new pricing model:

Pay a flat annual or monthly fee per training library for unlimited access to the e-learning programs it contains. As new programs are added to a selected library, you get access to them at no extra fee.

  • Unlimited access to self-study, web-based, e-Learning program titles in libraries you select
  • Each program is about 1-2 hours in length
  • Final Exam at end of the program verifies knowledge retention
  • Immediate, automatic final exam results with incorrectly answered questions displayed
  • Printable certificate of completion with name and exam score becomes training record
  • No extra fee for new programs we add to a selected library
  • On-the-Job Training checklists available for select programs

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