Train as many operators as you want. One budget line item. No surprises.

VISTA's growing family of Silver Series™ online, web-based training programs is now available with a convenient new pricing model:

Pay a flat monthly fee per training library for unlimited access to the e-learning programs it contains.
As new programs are added to a selected library, you get access to them at no extra fee.

  • Unlimited access to self-study, web-based, e-Learning program titles in libraries you select
  • Each program is about 1-2 hours in length
  • Final Exam at end of the program verifies knowledge retention
  • Immediate, automatic final exam results with incorrectly answered questions displayed
  • Printable certificate of completion with name and exam score becomes training record.
  • No extra fee for new programs we add to a selected library

Get an instant quotation for unlimited library access:

  1. Select the number of users.
  2. Select the library or libraries you would like unlimited access to
  3. To get started, call 1-800-942-2886 x305 or email us to provide payment and the email of the person you want us to setup as library administrator.
  4. Use any internet browser to go to to access the training programs

What Libraries

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Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee Details
*(except Pipelayer - see details)
Want more control via a private training site with electronic training records and your company logo?
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