Safety Books, Booklets, Handouts & Charts

In addition to training videos and programs, VISTA Training offers a number of safety training books, handouts, charts and decals that can help you to improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

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  • Construction Communication (book - English and Spanish)
  • Snow Removal Techniques (handout)
  • Operating Techniques for the Tractor Loader Backhoe (book - English and Spanish)
  • Excavation Best Practices (booklet)
  • On Again/Off Again - Mount/Dismount (handout)
  • Fall Protection (booklet)

  • 180 Safety Talks for Supervisors (book)
  • Construction Foreman's Safety Handbook
  • Construction Spanish Dictionary
  • Scaffolding Safety (booklet)
  • Utility Work Zone Traffic Control (field book)
  • Temporary Traffic Control (pocket reference guide)
  • Work Zone Truck Decals


  • Basic Operating Practices & Crane Set-up (booklet)
  • Mobile Crane Handbook (book)
  • Hoisting Personnel (booklet)
  • Pre-op Inspection (booklet)
  • Reductions in Capacity (booklet)

  • Rigging Handbook (book)
  • Working With Cranes Near Power Lines (booklet)
  • How to Use Load Charts (booklet)
  • Mobile Crane Hand Signals (chart)

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About These Products

VISTA has selected books and booklets that complement the training programs that we offer. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive training solution.