Mining: Operator Skill Assessments

For mining operations large or small, operators of production equipment are the linchpins of productivity. Mines can only be as productive as their operators. Even experienced operators can improve their technique, adding potentially millions of dollars each year to the mine's bottom line.

How we conduct equipment operator field assessments

VISTA employs field trainers who have many years of mining experience. They observe equipment operators and perform detailed time studies. In these machine operator tests, our trainers record their cycle times and make immediate recommendations on how the operator can improve. This usually results in an immediate productivity improvement, as the operator adjusts his or her work technique in response to our trainer's recommendations.

VISTA also provides detailed reports like the one at right to the mine manager, which provides a summary of the operator's performance, including a cycle time analysis, and recommendations for improvement.

Our trainers have performed these analyses at mines around the world, from South America and Russia to Northern Alberta and the Powder River Basin. Imagine what we could do for your operation! See links to our related services on the right side of this page.

Contact us for more information

For more information about operator evaluations from VISTA Training, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886 or via e-mail

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