Training Should Be Free

Many of our customers have found this statement to be true because the measured results they achieved from using our products and services repaid their investment - sometimes within the same month.

In today's cost-constrained mining environment, all areas of your mine operations are under scrutiny to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Training is no exception. Mine equipment operator training that was "good enough" when commodity prices were high won't cut it anymore.

Mine training from VISTA

Are you facing any of these training challenges at your mine?

  • You need to onboard a large number of operators quickly
  • Trainees don't retain what they've learned from existing training materials
  • Classroom training is inconsistent, hard to schedule and expensive
  • Field training isn't as structured as it should be
  • Checksheets don't accurately reflect what trainees know and understand
  • Incidents and near misses are higher than they should be
  • You've invested in a simulator, but aren't seeing the training results you hoped for

You need top-notch, instructionally-designed training that will help your new operators retain what they've learned, get on-boarded quickly and become vital elements in your mine's operations:

  • Well-trained operators understand the best practices for the tasks they perform and can put that knowledge to work on the job to get the maximum production from their machines.
  • They understand how to interact safely and efficiently with other machines and people in the mine.
  • And they know how to care for their machines, which reduces unplanned maintenance and prolongs machine life.

All that can translate into millions of additional dollars on your mine's bottom line. That, in turn, can make you look pretty smart to the C-level executives in your organization!

During times like these, you don't have time to teach a training firm your business. No one has time for that! Mine training is VISTA's primary focus. We offer an unparalleled depth of knowledge of mine safety and operations. We develop and deliver innovative training programs and services that increase mine safety and productivity around the globe.

The bottom line? You won't need to teach us your business. We can hit the ground running, enhancing your training and helping you build a stronger safety culture. In addition, we can bring new ideas to your training efforts, based on our exposure to best practices employed by other mines around the world.

We're not just tooting our own horn here. We've been recognized by our mine customers and our peers in the learning and development profession for the quality and business impact our training programs produce. These awards include:

  • A Gold Award for Blended Learning from the Canadian Society of Training & Development (CSTD).
  • A President's Award for Operational Excellence from our client, Suncor Energy.
  • A Vendor Excellence Award from Shell Albian Sands.
  • Authoritative papers published in leading mining journals.

VISTA has provided on-site and computer-based heavy equipment training to some of the world's leading mine industry companies, including Syncrude, Freeport-McMoRan, Cliffs Natural Resources (Northshore Mining), Boliden and Minera Antamina. You can view a worldwide map of VISTA's mining customers here.

VISTA Mine Training Products and Services

High-performance blended learning curricula - the Gold Series

Gold vs. Silver Series

What's the difference between VISTA's Gold and Silver Series training programs?

View this chart to find out.

The Gold Series is VISTA's premium mine training series. These comprehensive, multi-day mining training courses integrate web-based training (e-learning), simulation and on-the-job training into a powerful blended learning platform. They are instructionally designed to help trainees retain more of what they've learned than conventional training methods. As a result, VISTA's Gold Series training programs deliver superior results to mines that demand increased safety and productivity. Case studies available on request.

Basic Heavy Equipment Operator Training - the Silver Series

Silver Series: Hydraulic Shovel - Operation & SafetyVISTA's affordable Silver Series mine training programs cover basic machine operation and equipment mining safety principles in approximately one to two hours - perfect for new operator orientation sessions on common types of heavy equipment used in mines. These training programs are delivered via web browser and can be accessed on demand, 24x7. A final test and certificate of completion are included.

Silver Series programs help reduce maintenance costs

We now offer Silver Series programs, arranged in 3 libraries and available with "Netflix " type of pricing: Pay one fee and train as many people as you need. Learn more here.

On-site mine training

VISTA on-site training for mining and aggregatesVISTA Training partners with its mining customers to provide customized, on-site training solutions and operator skill assessments. VISTA mine improvement programs and mine procedures help our customers to improve productivity, reduce unplanned maintenance expense and improve mine safety.

Our on-site mine training services include:

Affordable PC-based mining simulators

mining truck simulatorVISTA offers a complete line of PC-based simulators, which enable your mine to provide affordable hands-on training to new operators. They provide vital hands-on experience to trainees in a safe, instructionally-designed environment. We can easily integrate our training curricula with these simulators or any that you already have. We believe the combination of task-focused online training (e-learning) and simulation exercises (doing) is critical to trainee success.

LinkedIn Mine Training & Safety Managers Group

Linkedin Mine Training & Safety Managers GroupWe saw a need for a LinkedIn discussion group where mine training and safety managers could ask questions, get answers and share their knowledge and expertise - so we created one. We welcome your participation! Click here to join the group.

Please note: VISTA only approves people whose work is directly connected with safety and training in mining and aggregates operations, or who contribute knowledge and expertise via associations, government agencies or educational institutions. We will not approve vendors or consultants. We want this to be a place where mine safety and training professionals can have open discussions - without someone trying to sell them something.

Contact us for more information

For more information about VISTA's mine training programs and services, please contact us at 800-942-2886 or 262-514-2886 or via e-mail at

VISTA legacy mine training programs

These videos don't have as much training value as VISTA's newer mine training products like TruckLogic and the Silver Series. But the principles of safe equipment operation they promote are still valid today, making them valuable and affordable additions to your mine training library.

Mine training videos and DVDs

  • Electric Drive Haul Truck Safety
  • Emergency Response for Off-Road Heavy Haul Trucks
  • Haul Truck Pre-Start Inspection - Making It Safe
  • Powered Haulage Night Operations
  • Wheel Loader Operating Techniques
  • Wheel Loader Walk Around and Introduction
  • Conveyor Maintenance Safety
  • Safe Conveyor Operation
  • It's Yours... It's Mined (perfect for new miner orientation)

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